Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ACT's Spiritual Research Project

As a confessional Christian, I am on a long-term project to observe, understand and document the archaeology  of the three religious complexes (Hinduism-Buddhism, Judaism-Christianity and Islam) as these movements migrated across the globe. 

Other ancient belief systems that contribute to a deep-time understanding of human religious cognition includes voodooism in West Africa, Zoroastrianism in Iran, Afghanistan and India, aboriginal beliefs in Australia and other primitive non-theological systems of beliefs based on drug-induced altered states of consciousness. 

The explosion of human migration promoted by intentional trade and incidental missions led to encounters that resulted in both great violence and tender humanity, enriching and devastating each other's cultural traditions. 

By tracing their evolution of doctrines as they coped with the challenges of scientific, technological and medical advances, we are better able to determine when, how and why specific teachings emerged to dominate each religion as if they were original beliefs of their founders. I seek to understand the evolution of beliefs to expose fiction from fact as much as history can attest and rebuild a more robust framework of belief with integrity.